Wedding Photography FAQ

I wouldn’t say these are 'Frequently' asked wedding photography questions, but I’ve listed below a handful that may crop up occasional. I’d like to think I’ve covered enough information on my website to answer all the main parts but if not, look below or just ask.

I’ve gone for the short and sweet answers where possible and tried not to babble on.


How long have you been a wedding photographer?

I shot my first wedding in 2005, went full time in 2010.

How many weddings do you do a year?


How many hours should I book a wedding photographer?

Depends what coverage you are wanting, basically I offer 3hrs/ 6hrs and full day. The full day is from 2hrs before your ceremony time until just after your first dance. For more information about my wedding photography packages please click on this link.

How long does a photographer stay at a wedding?

See above!  For more information about my wedding photography packages please click on this link.

What camera do you use?

Sony Mirrorless - these are high end professional cameras along with the lenes and other equipment I use.

Do you need food providing as a wedding photographer?

No thank you, I always come self-sufficient. I will not be requiring any food or drink supplying during the day, I know that some suppliers insist on this in their contracts but it’s something I’ve never wished to do. I do have slight dietary requirement so it’s much easier to be self-sufficient on the day. During your wedding breakfast I will leaving you all to enjoy your meal in peace and have some refreshment and a much-needed break and reset myself before re-joining you once you have finished.

Do I need two photographers at my wedding?

If you having a large wedding with lots going on then maybe worth considering. More details about a second photographer can be found by clicking this link.

How many photos do you get in a wedding package?

Depends on the photography package chosen and the time required in covering the wedding, typically from an all day wedding I’d hope to supply anywhere between 500 – 800 fully edited images.

Where do wedding photographers stand during the ceremony?

During a civil ceremony I’ll be at the front being at discrete and quiet as possible. Church wedding I’ll often shoot the service from the back.

What do photographers wear to weddings? 

I wear smart trousers, white long sleeve shirt (with my cufflinks), braces and off course a bow tie.

What is a receiving line at a wedding? 

A receiving line is a more traditional way to greet your guests into the wedding breakfast, these can be quite time consuming and it’s very rare that this happens anymore.

Do wedding photographers deliver all photos? 

Nope, defiantly not. I shoot A LOT of images during the day, some of those may not be flattering at all and this is why we cull them afterward to selection the ones that are suitable to be edited and supplied.

What do you do with your wedding photographs?

The initial digital files are backed up until after editing, the digital files that will be supplied to you are uploaded into your password protected gallery in full resolution and this also acts as a cloud storage for you. I also keep a copy and back-up another set to my own, off-site cloud storage.

When should I book my wedding photographer? 

As soon as you’ve confirmed your venue and registrars then get on and book your photographer.

What does a second shooter do at a wedding? 

I generally task my second photographers with the role of reportage / documentary style shooting, this is great for capturing even more of the natural, interactions of you and your guests especially during the times when I will be busy with your requested formal family shots and bridal portraits.

How many photos do wedding photographers take?

I take anywhere between 2000 and 4000 images at a full day wedding.

How long do wedding group photographs usually take?

I try and limit these to a maximum of 12 group shots. I can usually get through these in 15/20mins.

What is usually included in a wedding photography package?

All of my packages will supply you with your high resolution digital images, album package are also available if required.  For more information about my wedding photography packages please click on this link.

Do you really need a wedding photographer?

Short answer, no, but I think you’d regret it

What is your photography style?

My style of wedding photography is simple. A minimal amount of naturally-posed images, done in such a way that your personalities shine through and you feel relaxed and comfortable in front of the camera, then plenty of shots in a candid documentary style.

I want to tell the story of your day; the real stuff that happens. The emotions, the laughter, the quirks and craziness of you and your guests, the unplanned, unscripted parts I know you’ll look back on and love! Take a look at this page which goes into greater details about my style and approch to shooting a wedding.

Can I see a full gallery of a recent wedding you’ve photographed?

Of course, just ask and I’m happy for you to look through a complete gallery.

How many weddings have you photographed?

Heading towards 1400 now! (I’m getting old!)

Do you have a backup plan in case of illness or emergency?

I have a great network of colleagues here in the Lake District and we’ll always step in to help each other out if needed.

Will you be the primary photographer at our wedding?

Yes, always.

Do you provide a second photographer or assistant?

If required, yes.

What type of equipment do you use?

So much to list, professional grade cameras and lenes, lighting equipment etc. I try and use the best available.

Do you carry backup equipment?

Yes, any ‘professional’ photographer who doesn’t you’d have to question if they really are professional.

How many hours of coverage do you provide?

Various package available from 3hrs all the way up to full day which can be sometimes 12hours.  For more information about my wedding photography packages please click on this link.

How long will it take to receive our edited wedding photos?

I try and get everything turned around quickly so usually within 2 weeks.

Do you offer engagement photo sessions?

Yes, if you click here you can see a lot more information about pre-wedding, engagement shoots. Take a look at this page which will go into more details.

Can we provide a list of must-have shots?

I send out a link to a wedding day information form on my website prior to your wedding day, on this form there is an area to complete your required formal family shots.

Do you offer albums or prints? If so, what are the available options and prices?

Albums are available as part of your package, prints are available from your online gallery.

What is the process for selecting photos for the album?

I send out a album information email after your wedding, on this email it will explain the whole process for selecting images and also picking the cover for your album etc.

Are you insured?

Defiantly, I have comprehensive personal and public liability insurance. I also have full commercial drone insurance.

Do you charge for travel expenses?

No, unless the wedding is outside of Cumbria but my travel costs for this are very reasonable.

What are your payment terms and options?

£250 deposit at time of booking, final payment due at least 30days prior to your wedding day.

Can you provide references from past clients?

On my website there is a review page which is directly linked to my Google reviews, this are all from genuine past clients. To view that page and the past reviews please click here.

How do you handle challenging lighting situations, like dimly lit venues?

18 years experience have given me quite a lot of experience in dealing with lighting issues.

How do you ensure a smooth timeline on our wedding day?

I’m very efficient with how I work, I ensure I know exactly what the venue are expecting and work accordingly, in nearly 1400 I’ve never held a meal up yet!

Will you be sharing our photos on social media or your website?

Quite possibly yes, if this is a problem then just let me know and I won't.

Do you provide a written contract?

Yes, I have a professional contract that being drawn up for me to help clarify T&C’s and is also there to protected us both in the event of xyz.

How do you handle family dynamics and large group photos?

I’ll always ask for prior knowledge of dynamics and will work sympathetically to address these. (Not caused a fight yet)

Do you offer videography services or can you recommend a videographer?

I do offer a highlights film service, if you’d like more details of this then please click here.

Are there any hidden fees we should be aware of?

Nope, none, zero, nothing, no VAT, no hidden wedding taxes!

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